Maison 140

If you feel like you’ve just been transported to Paris then Maison 140 got it just right as that is the essence of the chic design.

  • Red is the most dominant colour of the sophisticated interior but certainly not overwhelming. It will join you at the lobby, follow you to the ultra chic bar and accompany you in the very lush soft bed of your seductively furnished room.

    The Parisian vintage holds hands with impeccable services. With only 44 rooms Maison 140 can afford to give a personal service, not altogether common in LA where the hotel is only few steps from Rodeo Drive.

    Good to Know

    Maison 140 is keen on cash in hand thus book and pay in advance to secure the best deal. The intimate size of the hotel means that certain amenities such as swimming pool or restaurant have to be sought elsewhere.

  • Maison 140
    140 Lasky Drive
    Beverly Hills
    CA 90212

Updated: 6 July 2013