Stay in one of England’s more unusual hotels

Perhaps it’s the quirkiness of the English, but when it comes to unusual hotels, England has a surprisingly rich picking of peculiar, slightly wacky and downright crazy places to stay. It is no longer a bed for the night but an experience of a lifetime.

  • Strattons Hotel

    Animal skins, wood paneling, frescas above your ornamental bed, quirky mixture of art spanning a number of centuries - all that and more awaits you in Strattons, a theatrical establishment in the heart of Norfolk.

  • The Scarlet

    Embrace The Scarlet’s very privileged location, from one of its eco-friendly cliffside hot tubs extending to breathtaking views of the Cornish coastline.

  • Amberley Castle

    If any place has the right to the label 'steeped in history',Amberley Castle certainly has. From the beginning of its journey this impressive fortress housed Royal families and influential figures of English history.

  • Rough Luxe

    In Rough Luxe you may gain an impression that the room decorators may have left a tad early but the unfinished paint job is all part of the quirky design.

  • Crazy Bear Beaconsfield

    The rather shy almost conventional facade is a clever camouflage to the opulent yet playful Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield, an unusual hotel that sends shivers down your spine the moment you cross its doorstep.

  • Bradford Old Windmill

    Hole up in an old mill tower, resting on a waterbed while studying the conical ceiling above your head at the victorian gothic Bradford Old Windmill. Bradford Old Windmill, a friendly B&B establishment near Bath, offers an imaginative accommodation in a refurbished windmill of an interesting history.

  • The Old Railway Station

    Board the train but don’t expect to get too far. What you can, however, anticipate is a touch of glamour reminiscent of the Orient Express at The Old Railway Station in Petworth.

  • The Pavilion

    Danny apparently grew tired of run-off-the-mill hotels and The Pavilion was his way to enliven the London hotel scene. Boredom is sometimes a good thing for if it didn’t happen to Danny Karne, this eclectic arty hotel would never exist.

Updated: 26 May 2013