Stay in an intimate boutique hotel in Jamaica

Once named the ‘Land of Springs’ by the natives, Jamaica has for centuries drawn visitors with its beaches, tropical climate, hot jerk spices and cool sounds of reggae. Tourism is the largest wheel of the economy and unsurprisingly big resorts sprawl all over the island. It is, however, the smaller Jamaica boutique hotels that focus better on creating a true cultural experience reminiscent of Jamaica’s illustrious past and presence.

  • Kanopi House

    The tiny Kanopi House allows you to take a closer peak at jungle life from one of its amazing treetop houses created in harmony with its stunning jungle enviroment.

  • Round Hill Hotel & Villas

    One of the largest of Jamaica boutique hotels is Round Hill Hotel & Villas. With just over 100 rooms it almost crosses the fine line of ‘intimate’.

  • Goldeneye Hotel & Resort

    Goldeneye Hotel is precisely where you imagine James Bond would try to seduce the latest Bond girl who may resist his charms but not those of this exclusive hideaway.

  • Hotel Mocking Bird Hill

    The eco friendly Hotel Mocking Bird Hill hides amongst organic grounds of a tropical garden, making the best of its breathtakingly beautiful environment.

  • Caves Hotel

    Built into a limestone cliff, the appropriately named Caves Hotel is the most unusual of Jamaica boutique hotels.

  • Jakes

    A mixture of rooms and cottages is offered by Jakes, a rastafarian-hippy bohemian boutique hotel inspired by its location and local community. Waking up in the morning in one of the colourful bohemian styled bedrooms will immediately remind you that this is Jamaica.

  • Coyaba Beach Resort & Club

    The location of Coyaba Beach Resort & Club, a 50 room boutique establishment, inspires of lazy afternoons in a hammock whilst immersing in the vivid colours of the idyllic private beach.

Updated: 12 June 2013