Stay in a tranquil country hotel in Sweden

When it comes to country hotels Sweden has no shortage of gorgeous establishments. They are like an oasis breaking up the hours of driving one has to cover in this stunning country – the third largest in Europe yet the least populated if measured by inhabitants per square kilometer.

  • Hotel Stelor

    It is the little things such as the antique telescope and other curious objects in your room which suggest that you are in for a very special experience at Hotel Stelor. The house, a lovingly refurbished 18th-century farmhouse, is reminiscent of a home belonging to an elderly well travelled gentleman of an impeccable taste.

  • Såstaholm Hotel

    Just 15 minutes drive from Stockholm yet hidden amidst beautiful scenery, the art deco Såstaholm is one of Sweden's best country hotels. Its restaurant is a member of an international connoisseur society, its location is lakeside with the quintessential sauna and its 93 rooms are named after the actors and actresses who once stayed here.

  • Villa Sjötorp

    The unusually looking Villa Sjötorp, near the North Sea, enjoys some great views of the coastline from its garden terrace. This tiny country hotel has only 14 rooms and all the charm. You will feel as if you are visiting friends in the country who know how to enjoy their tranquil surroundings.

  • Hotel Järvsöbaden

    The origins of Hotel Järvsöbaden date back to 16th century and for most of its life this establishment has always in some capacity cared for travellers. The well rehearsed tradition of hospitality remains the hallmark of this fine establishment that has been looked after as well as its guests by the same family since the turn of the century.

  • Häckeberga Slott

    The location of Häckeberga Slott is truly privileged. This castle country hotel occupies an island all by itself and its focus is not just your comfort but also how you can best take advantage of Lake Häckeberga’s beautiful scenery.

  • Hennickehammars Herrgård

    Hennickehammars Herrgård is an idyllic country retreat for those in seek of some ‘me’ time that can be filled with tennis or a bike ride followed by a relaxing afternoon in the sauna. This sophisticated manor house hotel pays a close attention to your body and soul.