5 stunning boutique riads in Marrakech Medina

Riads in Marrakech usually centre around a relaxing courtyard with a fountain or pond adding moisture to the air inside. Coupled with a lovely roof terrace and hammam, one of these boutique riads in Marrakech’s medina will add a real authenticity to your holiday.

  • Dar Les Cigognes

    Two traditional riads joined into one exquisite boutique hotel - Dar Les Cigognes - that evokes the fantasies of One Thousand and One Nights. The riad's magical ambience is further aided by its location, right in front of the Royal Palace.

  • Riad Azzar

    The demure Riad Azzar nestles amidst Marrakech's medina within a striking distance of the souks as well as the famous Jmaa-el Fna square. This traditional riad turned boutique guest house offers 6 African themed bedrooms and homely atmosphere.

  • Riad Due

    The combination of old and contemporary works rather well in Riad Due, a small 4 bedroom gem to be found on the doorstep of Medina.

  • Riad 72

    All the modern luxuries in life but cleverly presented in a traditional style of Marrakech riads, that is the charm of Riad 72. You can look forward to a rooftop terrace, swimming pool, spa, restaurant but not for a minute will you feel anywhere but very much in Marrakech.

  • Riad La Maison Rouge

    Riad La Maison Rouge reveals it in its name, the palette of colours that dominates this relaxing riad is a touch of cherry, the deep lustre of rubies and a kiss of red hot lipstick.

Updated: 12 June 2013