Medieval buildings in Dijon, France
Artichokes at a food market in Dijon, France
Cheese at a food market in Dijon, France
Medieval buildings in Dijon, FranceArtichokes at a food market in Dijon, FranceCheese at a food market in Dijon, France
  • 7. Something on the grill

    The centre piece of La Savage is its grill, placed in the heart of the restaurant cooking to perfection an affair that would please any carnivore.

    La Savage is part of a small hotel situated on of these aforementioned quaint cobbled streets of Dijon. In winter you can hide inside with your back turned to the grill giving out pleasant heat or facing it if you wish to see the chefs in action. In summer the terrace is the ideal spot to enjoy your meal.

    This is one of the best spots in Dijon to try different types of steak tatar made with unusual ingredients as well as alternative meats.

    The restaurant has no website and it is easy to miss. You’ll find it at 64 Rue Monge, 21000 Dijon in a beautiful courtyard of a 15th-century mansion.

  • Where to stay in Dijon

    Hotel Wilson

    On the edge of Dijon historic centre stands a former 17th-century postal stagecoach relay turned into the charming and affordable Hotel Wilson.

    Its intimate size (27 bedrooms), parking lot, free wifi and other modern amenities masterfully blended in the traditional Burgundy decor make this hotel a great crash pad if you just want to park the car and wander the town on foot.

    Chateau de Saulon

    Just outside of Dijon nestling among Burgundy vineyards, Chateau de Saulon represents an irresistible combination of the region’s history and gastronomic heritage.

    Dating from 16th century, Chateau de Saulon has been part of its stunning surrounding for a while now, a quality wonderfully reflected in its outward appearance, grand interior and inevitable in the magnificent affair its restaurant serves every day.

  • Getting there

    Dijon is located East of France about about a 3hr 30min drive from Paris.

    Most travellers will find it easy to get to Paris either by plane or train, both of which make connecting to the one and half hour train journey to the centre of Dijon fairly effortless.

    For those who like to drive, a trip to Dijon is a great opportunity explore the Burgundy region discovering few wineries set in the gorgeous French country side on the way.

    Dijon, being a smallish town, has limited public parking so make sure you book a hotel that accommodates your car too.

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14 October 2011