17 romantic holiday ideas for couples

  • 7.Drive California’s Big Sur coast highway

    Hire an open top mustang and set off with the wind in your hair to drive the most picturesque coastal highway in California, Big Sur. This curvy road cut into the cliff closely tracks the rugged yet utterly romantic turquoise pacific coast marked by towns of Morro Bay and Carmel.

  • 8.Take your princess to a French chateau hotel

    If your lady likes to be treated like royalty, one of the best ways to deliver the dream is in a French Chateau Hotel. Once exclusive residences of the French aristocracy, many of these historic buildings have opened their doors to paying guests, allowing them to live the stories of the former princely residents.

  • 9.Discover Dijon, the ultimate gourmet getaway

    They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach and nowhere this is more true than in Dijon, the French capital of all things delicious. Gourmet, historic, and commanding over the enchanting Burgundy region, this little town definitely cuts the mustard if food and drink regularly form part of your charm offensive.

  • 10.Get loved up in a boutique riad in Marrakech

    Spicy hot Marrakech is atmospheric and quite unlike the run-of-the-mill European romantic destinations. Exotic snake charmers and the labyrinth of fascinating souks within the ancient Medina only scratch the surface. The true sensual experience comes in the form of traditional riads traditionally built from palm trees.

  • 11.Taste the fruits of Bohemian Paradise

    What the Cotswolds are to the English, Bohemian Paradise is to Czechs, an area of stunning natural beauty dotted with chocolate box perfect cottages sitting prettily alongside a maze of romantic country lanes.

  • 12.Enjoy a romantic weekend break in Cornwall

    Let’s face it, organising romantic weekend breaks in Cornwall is a child’s play. The county has already laid out for you arrestingly beautiful coastline framed with quaint seaside towns. All you need to do is to pick the perfect love nest.

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26 May 2013