Chateau de Vollore

The elevation, imposing architecture and grand decor of Chateau de Vollore will have you know immediately that you have arrived at a true French chateau.

  • This chateau dates back to the 6th century and you have the privilege to stay a night or two, should you wish, and learn a bit about its ancient history.

    You might feel here as if you’re visiting your much grander relatives and quite rightly so. This is still very much a private residence of La Fayette family who welcome a few guests within the West wing of their home.

    Good to Know

    This castle is a captivating chapter in history which starts with one of the 5 bedrooms on offer, each magnificent in its own right, and the story continues with a guided tour of the castle.

  • Chateau de Vollore
    63120 Vollore-Ville 

Updated: 6 July 2013