Château Detenice

Maidens serving in the Tavern Detenice in Czech Repbulic
Maidens serving in the Tavern Detenice in Czech Repbulic

Resist your temptation to run at the rather brisk almost rude greeting, shouted by the rough looking publican. It is all part of the playful yet well delivered medieval theme of the charming Resort Château Detenice.

  • Straw covered floors, blackened walls, and only candle light to reveal what’s on the menu is part of the charm. Tavern Detenice has gone back to its medieval roots to project the dining experience our ancestors would have once enjoyed. The extremely well executed theme isn’t where the success ends. The food comes huge and absolutely stunning, especially the lamb cutlets, steak tatar, and slow roasted duck.

    It is incredibly handy that you don’t have to walk or drive too far if you have chosen to stay in the Mediaeval Hotel which happens to be right across the château courtyard. The decor of animal skins, solid wood and candle light continues here and creates a truly romantic ambience. In the morning you’ll wake up to an equally themed breakfast that features roast meats, potatoes and, surprise surprise, beer for those who dare.

    Good to Know

    Most of the entertainment in the tavern is in Czech, but the food, fire breathing and sword swallowing doesn’t need to be translated to be enjoyed.

    We Loved

    Other than the amazing food, the lippy tavern maidens who have no patience with indecisive patrons and deal briskly with misbehaving customers are a lot of fun.

    The idea of walking across the courtyard and retiring for the night in one of the romantic chambers in the Mediaeval Hotel is highly appealing.

  • Resort Château Detenice
    507 24 Dětenice
    Czech Republic

Updated: 6 July 2013