U Raka

A bedroom at the Hotel u Raka in Prague Czech Republic
A bedroom at the Hotel u Raka in Prague Czech Republic

This Bohemian ‘hole in the wall’ establishment of a strange name – U Raka – is an unassuming boutique hotel of truly charming rustic decor and intimate personality.

  • The old cottage like facade gives an impression this may be just another ancient house in Prague’s Old Town and the fact that you have to ring the door bell to gain entrance only enforces that feeling.

    Once in, the displacement continues since the interiors and courtyard strongly suggest you have just stepped back in time and into the Bohemian countryside. But have no fear. While the rustic yet polished decor does reflect the charms of a well-to-do farm yard, you’ve definitely arrived to a classy boutique hotel amidst the centre of Prague.

    Good to Know

    Superior rooms offer buckets of features and represent a good value for your money if you are after something special.

    We Loved

    In the summer we adore its outdoor restaurant hidden in a magical garden and in winter we would only stay in the bedroom with a fireplace.

  • U Raka
    Černínská 10
    118 00 Prague 1
    Czech Republic

Updated: 27 November 2013