B&B Hakenovi

The exterior of the B and B Hakenovi in Czech Paradise
The exterior of the B and B Hakenovi in Czech Paradise

Horni Lochov is a small village sitting right on the edge of Prachovske Rocks. Other than being one of the better entry points to the park, it is also a home to a small B&B Hakenovi that we chose for our two night stay.

  • We booked the 2 bedroom apartment at the top of the house and loved it. The hosts were welcoming, extremely helpful and the well laid out loft apartment simply charming. Both bedrooms come with huge windows. All you need to do is to open it, drag a chair a little closer and relax with the fantastic views over the Bohemian Paradise countryside.

    Good to Know

    The B&B is intimately sized and early booking during summer holidays is advised.

    We Loved

    Sitting by the big open windows with the view down the valley was highly relaxing and Hakenovi’s close proximity to the Prachov Rocks made it easy to walk down the country lanes and into the forest to where the rocks are.

  • B&B Hakenovi
    Horní Lochov 45
    506 01 JIČÍN
    Czech Republic

Updated: 6 July 2013